While Bali is regularly seen as beach bliss with innumerable diving activities and boat tours, many tourists on a Bali bound plane are searching for fantastic jungle experience this province offers. If you are looking forward to staying in a place surrounded by nature, Bali is the place to be! The city is home to amazing treehouses. Here are our top 10 treehouses retreats in Bali.

Dreamy Eco Treehouse

Treehouse in Bali

The treehouse is located at the centre of a lavish green valley. This ideal location gives the visitors a heavenly feeling as it enables them to reconnect with nature. Rise in the morning to a fantastic view of mountain streams – a magnificent view that you will always love. Besides, it is made of straw and bamboo, making it an eco-friendly treehouse.

By visiting Dreamy Eco, you will be totally isolated from the real world because you will not have access to phone, clock, and newspaper.

Unique Tree House

TreeHouse on treetop

Enjoy a tranquil and peaceful stay as you spend days inside this exclusive treehouse that is entirely designed with eco-friendly materials. Since you will spend most of the time inside the treehouse, you will precisely enjoy the fantastic views of the garden and pool from up there.

You can opt for a one-bedroom with a single bathroom, vegan kitchen, among other essentials. However, alcohol is prohibited on these premises.

Bamboo Magical Treehouse

Bamboo house with tree grow inside

If you want a place where you literally get to reside in a tree, no treetop accommodation beats Magical Treehouse. This two-bedroom, two-level treehouse has a tree growing inside. The shower upstairs is another pleasure because you can gaze out at the rice fields and spacious gardens.

A soft mood light surrounds you in the evening, making it a reasonably romantic treehouse. The downstairs bathroom is probably the most exceptional feature of this treetop house because it opens into a waterfall curtain.

Bali Eco Stay


This secluded mountain treehouse in central Bali is situated at the bottom of Mount Batukaru. As soon as you reach this remote mountain spot, you will find it hard going back to your origin – it is that addictive. This eco-resort generates its own hydropower from a stunning waterfall that’s five minutes away.

The house has an open kitchen that offers cooking classes daily, and this can be beneficial to you if you want to learn much more about cooking.

5BR nautilus Treehouse

TreeHouse with pool

This treetop house is situated right in the middle of nature. The house assures a peaceful relaxation and feeling that you need throughout your stay. Here, you can enjoy facilities that include a tree staircase, a spacious deck, a kitchen, and a swimming pool. 

Breakfast is served daily, and you can use this special time to unwind. The facility is a substantial accommodation since it provides 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms that accommodate more than sixteen guests at a go.

Villa Pererepan Treehouse

TreeHouse with outside pool

Villa Pererepan is part of Awang Awang Resort that consists of five villas. The name Awang Awang means a region that hangs between heaven and earth. It has a room designed for couples as well as a plunge swimming that offers a relaxing experience and a fantastic view of the surrounding jungle.

From the house’s balcony, you can have a better view of River Petanu and watch a troupe of monkeys that hang on the nearby trees.

Cosy Coconut Treehouse

TreeHouse in Bali

Have a pleasurable time at this wonderful treehouse that is designed with bamboo. The treetop house is perfect for both couples and solo travellers because it has a bedroom. 

In the morning, enjoy a stunning hot shower in the stone bathroom before proceeding to chill on a beanbag situated downstairs. The other facilities offered by this treehouse include free Wi-Fi access and a kitchen.

Rice Joglo Treehouse

TreeHouse Double Bed

Joglo offers visitors a superb view of rice fields to revitalize your spirits throughout your visit to Bali. It is impossible to resist the type of views you enjoy here. The treehouse is designed with carved teak and recycled antique.

The treehouse is ideal for a group of eight people as it features one bathroom and three bedrooms. It has an upstairs balcony where you can engage in refreshing coconut water.

Luxury Sustainable Treehouse

Luxury TreeHouse

Have a remarkable stay at this comfy treehouse whose stunningly hand-carved furniture and materials are going to amaze you. From the lamps and the doors to the sink and wardrobe, everything is going to blow your mind away.

The treehouse has a single bathroom and a single bedroom which can host couples searching for solo adventures or a romantic retreat. The facilities included here are shampoo, a hot tub, and free internet access.

Ayu Treehouse

TreeHouse with warm light

The shower here doesn’t have a roof, and this allows you to view the coconut trees around or gaze at the sky blue clouds. This extraordinary treehouse comes with one bathroom and one bedroom that accommodate two individuals. The balcony enables you to have an enjoyable view of the scenic countryside vistas.

Now, what do you think of a fantastic health retreat Bali offers? A retreat in Bali can  be increasingly beautiful because different treehouses provide different amenities and facilities, different views and of course, different experience. Book a reservation to any of the treehouse mentioned above by visiting treehouse Airbnb.

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