Family-friendly Places to Stay in Victoria During Weekends.

Victoria is a small state in Australia but with warm and welcoming places to take a family on a gateway trip. Try something different for your next getaway. Don’t get stuck in a stuffy hotel room. Check out these seven secluded family-friendly weekend getaways in VIC.

Apollos View Accommodation.

The location of the place is beachfront in Apollo Bay. There are a lot of activities that guests can participate in while visiting the site. Some of these activities are fishing and hiking. The accommodation facility offers various services and has unique features.

They are balcony free WIFI and private parking and also air conditioning in the rooms. The home has top rating reviews precisely for a couple of accommodations. More features of the home include a spa center and a hot tub. There is also a garden and a lounge; both shared where guests can relax after a day’s activities. Bookings are available online; you can make them before your visit.

Address: 6 Treetops Terrace Skenes Creek, 3233 Apollo Bay, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9489 5953

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Ti-Tree Village.

The location of this property is five minutes’ walk away from Ocean Grove Beach. The village’s most cottages are self-contained, with a spa and open fireplace. Guests visiting the place can access a communal BBQ and children’s playground. There is also available free parking and free WIFI. Welcome bookings are available to guests. There are different cottages in the village: a two-bedroom villa, superior villa, and more.

Address: 34 Orton St, Ocean Grove VIC 3226, Australia

Phone: +61 3 5255 4433

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Tree Top Stay.

The stay offers accommodation with features and services such as a balcony, free WIFI, a fully equipped kitchen, and continental breakfast. The property also offers air-conditioned rooms, garden views, and two-bedroomed rooms. The rooms also have a TV, a dishwasher, a microwave in the kitchen area, and a dining area.

There is also a terrace available for guests’ use. The location of the home is Sassafras. The treehouse provides breathtaking views, and while at the balcony, guests can enjoy the idea of the sunset. There are also places you can visit or take a walk while at your stay in the Tree Top Stay like Olinda and Mt Dandenongs.

Address: 342 Mount Dandenong Tourist Road , 3788 Olinda, Australia

Phone: +61 1300 488 448

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The Woodlands Rainforest Retreat.

Its location is Toolangi State Forest, and its cottages are luxurious and self-contained. The place offers a stunning view of the lake and mountain. You can enjoy a spa bath and also relax at the fireplace. The cottages have a fully equipped kitchen together with laundry facilities.

There is also a dining and lounge area equipped with a TV and a DVD. The private bathrooms available in the home have robes and toiletries; couples and families can access massage services in their rooms and enjoy outdoor meals. You can have the chef prepare your meals as well. All rooms have a coffee maker.

Address: 137 Manby Rd, Narbethong VIC 3778, Australia

Phone: +61 3 5963 7150

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Ramada Resort Phillip Island.

It gives you the experience of a comfortable and relaxed holiday and provides you with a stunning view of nature. The surrounding includes bushland and gardens. The Island has outdoor swimming pools and a children’s pool, which serves to cool the families amidst the heat.

Another reason the place is family-friendly is the activities and surroundings. Families who are actively involved in exploring are likely to have fun in the resort. There are also kids’ activities in the alternative, such as watching penguin parades, surfing, swimming, or visiting the Sovereign Hill in Ballarat.

Address: Phillip Island, 2128 Phillip Island Rd, Cowes VIC 3922, Australia

Phone: +61 3 5952 8000

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Balangara Accommodation.

The location of the place is Dandenong Ranges, and the accommodation has unique features. The guests have the advantage of enjoying free WIFI, breakfast, champagne, and chocolates as soon as they arrive. There is a balcony with a great garden view. Welcome bookings are available.

Address: 500 Mt Dandenong Tourist Road, 3788 Olinda, Australia

Phone: Christine on 0400 596336 or Ashraf on 0430 796 693

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Lochiel Luxury Accommodation.

The location of the accommodation is Olinda. It provides private parking, open wood fires, a fully equipped kitchen, and a spa bath.

The cottages have a lounge area, large-screen TV, DVD, wooden floors with modern rugs, and an open fireplace. There are unique cottages that have a balcony and a hot tub. During the day, guests access light meals, and during the evenings, exotic modern cuisine.

There is an open restaurant during lunch where guests can have their meals. Most dishes that the restaurant serves are Italian. Reviews from clients who have been in the place disclose that the Lochiel Luxury Accommodation is a recommendable place among the best in Olinda.

The location of the accommodation is close to Olinda Golf Course by two minutes. It is also close to Mount Dandenong by ten minutes. You can make bookings to the Lochiel Luxury Accommodation online and give your partner or family that relaxing weekend experience.

Address: 1590 Mount Dandenong Tourist Rd, Olinda VIC 3788, Australia

Phone: +61 3 9751 2300

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