The world has secrets. A lone flame is flickering in the dark of the desert. They call them eco-lodges and eco-resorts. Visions of the past and the future. A new day is dawning on humanity. The simplicity of these spaces is an inspiration and a calling. Eyes that behold the magic and the natural beauty of the world’s best eco lodges are forever changed.

We are learning a different way to live. In harmony with the earth and each other. We will explore from the ice kingdoms near the arctic circle to the star-lit skies of Egypt near Cairo, all the way to the rainforests of Australia. The best eco resorts in the world are like nowhere else.

Let’s begin in the lands where ice and fire meet and watch the northern lights in Iceland. We will finish our tour at a lush rainforest lodge in Australia.

Innovational Eco Lodgings and Resorts from Around the World

1. Hotel Husafell – Borgarfjörður Fjord, Iceland

The Hotel Husafell is considered one of the most unique, certainly one of the best eco lodges in the world. Located deep in the interior of West Iceland and nestled on Langjokull glacier lies the Hotel Husafell. It was created by a family that has inhabited the valley where Husafell is located for seven generations. The majestic landscapes of Borgarfjordur are the product of primordial lava and ice.

The Húsafell Canyon Baths – Photo Credit:

The hotel uses 100 percent sustainable energy derived from hydroelectric plants. Hosts of Husafell invite guests to take in the sacred Aurora Borealis while relaxing in outdoor thermal pools. In the dining hall, they will feast on wild fresh game meats seasoned with herbs that are grown in geothermal greenhouses. Seafood is fished out of the glacier waters nearby and served with Nordic soups and tubers. For vegetarians, there are extensive menu choices all deliciously prepared.

Opulent suites with fine bedding and simple, locally crafted furnishings await. The guests bathe with Icelandic herbal soaps and lotions. The waters of Husafell are heated and sourced from the mountains and natural geothermal pockets beneath the earth. It will be unforgettable.

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2. The Adrere Amellal – Siwa, Egypt

Near the Great Sand Sea in the Western Desert near Cairo, we discover Siwa Oasis. Once home to the infamous Oracle of Ammon; the area is now home to luxurious Adrere Amellal, one of the best eco lodges to be found anywhere on earth.

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The lodge is constructed of the earth and sands of the region. There is no electricity. Only candlelight, the moon, and the stars light the lodge at night. When nighttime does fall it is unbelievable. The ambiance of the lodge is timeless. The skyscape is an awe-inspiring display of the universe’s hidden majesty. In the silence of the desert it has been claimed the stars can almost be heard.

In the grotto and main dining hall, countless beeswax candles and lanterns bestow an enchanting glow. The food of the lodge is all locally grown and harvested including the meats from local farms. It is simple and nourishing. The linens are handwoven. Furniture of the place is made by craftsmen of the area and constructed of olivewood. Guests swim in a natural spring and gaze upon the ancient palms and the nearby mystical “White Mountain”. The Adrere Amellal is truly a magical place to visit.

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3. Daintree Ecolodge – Daintree National Park, Australia

Daintree rainforest in north Queensland is a World Heritage Site. Bioluminescent plants, mushrooms, and mosses are remarkable features of the forest display. It is estimated by scientists that Daintree is around 180 million years old.

The Daintree Ecolodge is partially powered by solar panels. They are carbon neutral and all carbon emissions are balanced and compensated for with fundings for reforestation projects.

Daintree Ecolodge facilitates eco-sustaining practices throughout. 100 percent of the waters used at the lodge are recycled and used for other purposes.

Rainforest Walk – photo credit:

The guest’s meals are harvested from the lodge’s organic garden. They are extensively involved in the community. All food, art, and decor are locally sourced. They have refined all aspects of the operation to remove waste. They are dedicated to environmental sustainability and responsibility. Due to this impressive conscientious effort which is truly an inspiration to all they are renowned as one of the best eco resorts on earth.

Upon arrival, guests are encouraged to relax in the spa. There they are treated to botanical herb massages and soaks in pristine waters gathered from the rainforests waterfalls. The suites are located up amongst the rainforest canopy. Cabana treehouses and screened private patios allow for breathtaking views of the prehistoric forest.

It is worth mentioning that the beaches along the Cape Tribulation provide a very private and quiet way to explore the Great Barrier Reef. For those who visit Daintree Ecolodge, it is an experience never to be forgotten.

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Eco Lodges and Eco Resorts Provide a Framework for Us All

Exploring these diverse and fascinating locations might encourage and impact the world in a most positive way. By providing a framework and example of what the world could be if we all focused on living harmoniously on the earth. Using sustainable resources, ecologically sensitive, and locally sourced materials can provide beautiful and rewarding results. This is a way to include a better future by remembering our past. Through blending primitive techniques long forgotten, new technologies, and sources of power we can envision a better world.

By focusing on environmental responsibility these eco-resorts allow travelers the opportunity to explore the most spectacular locations on the earth without negatively impacting the pristine landscapes.

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