Local Area

Port Douglas is in the Far North of Queensland one hour drive north from Cairns International Airport. If you’re self driving, hiring a car or flying it’s the ultimate holiday destination. We can arrange airport collection and tour bookings.

There are two seasons in the tropics, High season and Low season. High season runs between June and December and Low season usually from January to May. If you like it sunny, blue skies with a constant 27 degrees, and to be able to swim in the ocean then visit in the High season.

If you enjoy the humidity with sunshine and more than occasional down pours with excellent white water rafting and an abundance of other fresh water activities then visit in the wet season. Wet season goes hand in hand with Stingers in the ocean, so swimming in fresh water creeks is safer and 100% more refreshing. Day trips to the Great Barrier are still available with stinger protection suits made available to all guests.